Chloe + Josh – { engaged }

Chloe + Josh – { engaged }

Earlier this year I gifted Clo a portrait shoot for her birthday and after a few spontaneous trips to the hospital for Josh we finally plopped onto the beach for our shoot in late July for what 2-3 of us thought was just a casual Saturday afternoon!

The weekend before Clo and I had been at a hen’s party and we spoke about what the heck was taking Josh so long to propose, come on man just spit it out already..
As far as Clo and I knew we were gong to take a few photos with their fur kids Betsy and Arnold, and then they’d be picked up and we would do a couples shoot with just her and Josh… Ummmm that was until Josh’s mum arrived to pick up the dogs and says to me
“you know what’s happening right? I have a ring in this maccas bag!”
which I responded “oh yea cool……. wait what?” clearly I had no freakin clue cause I had already sussed out if Josh was carrying anything extra when he got outa the car..LOL

Cue absolute friggin panic.. how are we gonna get the ring to Josh without the Chloe noticing and how the heck are we gonna film it without her being all suspicious!

SORTED… Clo comes with me for “solo portraits”… Josh gets the ring… I’ll pose Clo with her back to Josh so he can get the ring outa his pocket and Josh’s sister Jasmin can film some “behind the scenes for my insta”

Mighta not worked out that organised and we might now have 13 mins of video, missed cues and super awkward posing but we had a proposal, MANY tears by all and now a ring which please don’t ask Clo to show you cause we just got her settled down LOL

so excited to watch these two create an amazing life together..

Bring on the wedding!!!