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Vass Family

If your looking at this mumma’s face and thinking she looks familiar.. you ain’t crazy…
Amy is the owner/photographer over at Zara Lane Photography and is one heck of a photographer herself.
She and I met way back (ok so like 5 years ago) when we were both kinda starting out and she messaged me one day and asked if she could come hang with me at some weddings…. heck yea cause I love company!!
I remember we sat on that park bench the day we met and talked for HOURS, have hung out at multiple weddings over the years and watched each other bring new bubba’s into the world all while being boss asses and conquering the camera.

Being asked to take any images for another photographer is 1. AMAZING, 2. FLATTERING and 3. DAMN STRAIGHT ANXIETY CENTRAL…..
I don’t stress too much about making it perfect but I do stress about it being something they’ll love because I tell you, us photographers are way harder on ourselves than we care to admit…

But here they are, The Vass Family….. aren’t they GORG!!! xx

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