Eleanor + Karel – { Engaged }

Eleanor + Karel – { Engaged }

If these guys aren’t the sweetest couple then I don’t know who is…

Eleanor and I have a little back story…. well I should say Eleanor and my eldest son Ayden do…

When Ayden was in Year 2 we walked into school on the first say to the quietest and nicest teacher who was in her first year of teaching out of uni.
That day I thought “my god, I hope they don’t eat her alive because she’s so nice!!!”
Ayden had significant hearing loss until he was 3 and this lead to him being quite a way behind in his speech and understanding of words.
When he started Prep it was a constant battle of noone understanding him and trying to help him catch up and it broke my heart so much because I knew his teachers were doing everything they could.

I don’t think I was quiet ready for the compassion and time that she spent on Ayden that year, (yep I get teary when I think about it)…

El went out of her way constantly to help him understand and to better understand him and I will forever be grateful because that’s the year he finally started to catch up and come out of his shell.

He’s now about to start Year 8, has 2 semesters of academic awards in his first year of high school and she is still his favourite teacher…
Anyway, I’m not crying, you are!!!

One day we were shopping in Coles and we bumped into each other and she was with Karel and they were just so sweet together and Ayden says “I wonder if that’s her boyfriend Mum?”
Well mate, I’m guessing it was because here I am taking photo’s for their engagement…
I’ve always said “if he makes you laugh so effortlessly, he’s a keeper”
and because this is so last year and their wedding has already happened, I can tell you..

These guys are definitely each other’s keepers, but that’s another post right?


Hair: Celeste Ceval Hair – Brisbane
Makeup: Pro Makeup Studio –  Yeppoon